About Our Shop


I’m Necey, the Owner and Creator of Authentic Me Beauty natural product line. My handcrafted Soaps, Body scrubs and Body Butters are made with natural skin nourishing ingredients that are lusciously scented with the aromas of enticing essential oils and fragrances. Many of my products are uniquely named with words and phrases designed to implement positive energy throughout your day.  

The word Authentic is defined as being true one’s own personality, spirit or character. The name of the company Authentic Me Beauty represents my passion for making natural body products, the education of their amazing benefits and encouraging personal growth, self-care and appreciation. The art of creating products has become a meditation practice in motion for me.

My personal discovery has been that amongst the noise and busyness of everyday life, setting aside a deliberate time to get quiet, chill out pamper your body with natural and alluring products can be a tiny gateway to self-discovery.

May my products nurture your skin and inspire you to expose your authentic beauty to the world!